Drain & Sewer Services

If you have problems with your sewer line or want peace of mind that everything is as it should be, call us for our sewer camera inspection services. We have the latest high-definition cameras to give a clear image of what’s going on in your sewer pipes.

No matter what the nature of the blockage or where it is, our drain cleaning services will make quick work of the issue. We offer services you can depend on, so you know you can call us whenever you experience a problem!

Some clogs need more horsepower to clear them out. Hydro jetting is a method that uses water under pressure to blast through especially tough clogs. If you have a blocked drain that you can’t fix no matter what you try, contact E&B Wooley and ask about our hydro jetting services!

For reliable plumbing services in the greater Columbus area, you can rely on our team at E&B Wooley. For over 40 years, we have helped homeowners and businesses repair burst or frozen pipes and deal with the resulting water damage cost-effectively and efficiently.

Trenchless sewer repair is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a method of sewer repair that replaces a sewer pipe without trenching. In many cases we are able to make trenchless repairs saving you from lawn damage.

Sadly not every sewer line can be fixed with trenchless repair. For larger damage we have the equipment necessary to work on any sized job. 

From burst mains to trenchless house lines we have you covered! We have extensive experience getting water lines fixed fast! 

hot water sewer jetter

Need your drain lines cleaned to clear buildup, de-ice, or de-grease? With our Hotjet II system we can clean any “2-“12 lines!

  • Deep cleans pipes removing the toughest build up grime
  • Quick service time, cleaning your lines quickly
  • Our team is on call and ready to help

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