We Offer CIPP Lining in Carroll, OH, and the Surrounding Areas

When the sewer pipe serving your home or business deteriorates, you have a few options. You could have an experienced crew come out, dig a large trench and replace it. If you don’t want to deal with the mess and disruption, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining offers a minimally disruptive, cost-effective solution. At E and B Wooley Enterprises, we recommend CIPP lining for the restoration of residential and commercial sewer lines. Let’s look closer at how it works, when we recommend it, and the signs that your pipe could benefit from this type of trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

A Look at the CIPP Process

To perform CIPP lining, we start with a thorough cleaning of the pipe. Next, we deploy a pulling head powered by a hydraulic or diesel pump. This deployment typically takes place through an existing sewer line clean-out or another access point. The pulling head deploys the liner through the pipe. Next, we inflate the liner. Heat, steam, pressurized air, or UV light cures the liner within a few hours.

Pipe lining uses a small crew to complete the work. No heavy equipment is required for CIPP. This means no damage to your landscaping, trees, or concrete. CIPP offers a long-lasting, environmentally safe, and cost-effective way to fix a damaged pipe.

Common Issues That Require Pipe Lining

We use CIPP to address tree root intrusion through cracks and joints in pipes. Pipe lining also corrects interior corrosion and mineral scale buildup. CIPP lining fixes leaks along the pipe. Other issues that require pipe lining include pipe offsets caused by nearby construction, landslides, or water pressure. CIPP also corrects pipes with multiple fractures or rusted joints.

Signs You Need CIPP

If you notice any of the following signs, your home or business may benefit from CIPP lining:

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