Pipe Bursting

Dig-Free Pipe Bursting In Carroll, OH, And Nearby Areas

Many homes and businesses in the local area have old pipes. As pipes age, they develop faults that impact their safety and performance. When a repair is impractical or the pipe has extensive damage, we recommend pipe bursting. At E and B Wooley Enterprises, we have more than 40 years of experience performing pipe bursting in Carroll, OH, and nearby areas.

What Is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is a type of trenchless pipe restoration for deteriorated residential and commercial sewer lines. It involves using a powerful mechanical head that breaks apart a damaged host pipe. The pressure from the bursting process pushes the old pieces of pipe out of the way and into the nearby soil. At the same time, the hose attached to the pipe’s head pulls a new pipe into place.

Advantages of Pipe Bursting

The pipe bursting process requires no trenching. This means minimal disruption to your property. You won’t have to restore landscaping or arrange for tree removal, concrete repair, or asphalt replacement. The process preserves your landscaping and eliminates the risk of soil compression and depression. It also requires less labor than traditional methods of pipe removal and replacement. Since we can accomplish pipe bursting with a smaller crew, this lowers the cost of sewer pipe rehabilitation. With no need to bring in heavy equipment, this also reduces the cost of the project. Pipe bursting saves time and ensures a faster restoration of your wastewater handling system.

Common Issues We Address

We use pipe bursting to address pipes that have deteriorated beyond repair. This includes pipes with more than a 20% offset between segments. We also use pipe bursting to address large cracks in pipes. Leaking sewer pipes present a serious safety risk to your home or business, your neighbors’ properties, and the environment. Pipe bursting addresses pipes with significant cracks, corrosion, and fractures. We also use pipe bursting to address collapsed sewer pipes.

Count on Our Team to Address Your Damaged Pipes

Our company started in Carroll, OH in 1978. Over the past 40 years, we have provided essential sewer and pipe services to home and business owners throughout the area. We take pride in accomplishing every project quickly and correctly. Our crews prioritize customer satisfaction, and we stand behind our work.

Pipe bursting offers a cost-effective, minimally disruptive, and long-lasting solution for common pipe problems. Our attention to detail, professionalism, and prompt project completion make us the right choice for pipe bursting services.

To learn more about pipe bursting, how it works, and when we recommend it or to obtain an estimate, contact us at E and B Wooley Enterprises today.